"It is true, and thus the question of whether it is sad or happy has no meaning whatever."
Bernhard Schlink

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ego Boost 

I'm not precisely known for my excessive self-confidence. Especially when it comes to what I think other people think about me. So, I get a major rush from validation (wait...I'm a blogger...you knew that already...) . Today, as part of finishing up at my job, I've been sending emails to clients letting them know that I'm going and who will be taking over my position.

The good bit is that I've gotten back more than a couple of really fantastic notes, saying that I'll be missed, and even offering help in the future. This makes me very happy.

So, if I'm a but smug for a day or so, please don't hate me for it. It's rare I get to feel this secure.

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