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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

On the Job: Getting There and Getting Out 

If you find that you have trouble making it out of bed to your first cup of coffee, ThinkGeek may have a solution for you: Buzzaire, the caffeine inhaler. I do not recommend using this product. In fact, I would suspect that it's actually kinda dangerous. It may work for asthma, though. Another dubious caffeine delivery system is caffeinated soap. I really wonder how effective that can possibly be.

Once you've woken up, you need to worry about your job. But don't worry too much, as research suggests that chronic job insecurity can lead to major health problems. D'oh! But you may soon be able to get a custom-grow replacement for those organs you destroy in the process of coping: Wake Forest doctors have announced successful transplantation of lab-grown bladders into young patients. They grew the bladders from bladder biopsies on a bladder-shaped scaffold. Cool!

The best cure for workplace stress is, of course, a vacation. If you're going somewhere sunny, don't forget your sunscreen. Or maybe you should. Researchers have found that ingredients in sunscreen seem to disrupt thyroid function in rats. It's not clear how or if this translates to humans, but I guess we knew it was coming.

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