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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Lots of cool stuff today, and I am a bit too brain-dead to deal with it. This may be due to: not working leads to laziness; being tired from hitting the gym super hard the last couple of weeks; being distracted by preparations for leaving tomorrow for Japan; pure unadulterated laziness; early-onset senility. Whatever the cause, I don't have much to write. These are worth remembering:

Swiss researchers seem to be having some luck in a trial of a vaccine against dust mite allergies. This would make my life so much better, so I wish them much luck.

Sky blue is the best color for setting and maintaining circadian rhythms, and yellow light is counter-productive. This is very interesting and cool.

Researchers have engineered mice with brains full of beta-amyloid plaques and tangles - hallmarks of Alzheimers Disease - that don't suffer memory deficits. I'm not clear on how, or what they think the mechanism may be, but this is striking and possibly huge.

Selenium supplementation does not seem to offer protection against heart disease. Sorry kids, you're just gonna have to eat healthily and exercise!

Smog is bad for you, and for your fetus: Columbia researchers have found that kids whose moms breathe lots of exhaust fumes while pregnant do more poorly on developmental tests. The study does not appear to be very well controlled, but it's an intriguing finding none the less.

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