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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Tricks 

Yes, the Tokyo metro really is that crowded. And it massively expensive. But, it goes bloody everywhere and is always on time. Today, it may have seen something really shocking (besides the clothing choices made by its various passengers): an new use for the ubiquitous Japanese alco-pop known as Chu-Hi.

It will wash down your takoyaki, and drown your sorrows. It will make you think not only that going to do kareoke is a good idea, but also that you really can pull off a really good Mariah. It will also clean your contact lenses.

On the way back yesterday from Kamakura (with ghost bento, purple potatoes, and giant Buddha goodness), my contact was so dry it hurt, and fell out. Not wanting to go the rest of the night blind (there was kareoke to be done!), I looked around and, not finding any traditional lens solution, improvised. A few drops of yuzu-flavored Chu-Hi, and my contact was good as new! A little burn-y, perhaps, but only at first, and I could see for the rest of the night!

Certain of my compatriots may argue that my hearing, on the other hand, was less than optimal...

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