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Monday, May 01, 2006

Tokyo Madness 

So, this place is really fantastic. In the few day's I've been here, it really does seem to be as completely nuts as you think it is. I'm staying in a relatively quiet, residential area, where, as I write this I am, in fact, attempting to not drop my friend's laptop into the landlady's beer garden below. I know I could go to the Starbucks and have a faster connection, but it is raining, and I am so not going out of my way to blog on vacation (this is just happening due to said rain, and the desire to finally kick the low-grade sinus infection 14 hours on a plane while hung over gave me).

Initial thoughts:

Damn I love sushi.
Gwen Stefani's 'Harajuku girls' have nothin on the real thing. We went on Sunday and watched a bunch of 40- and 50-something guys, fully dressed like greasers, breakdancing to Elvis, about 5,000 Japanese schoolgirls decked out in full Goth regalia, and ate awesome takoyaki, yaki tori, and grilled meat. And drank malt liquor in the park.
For a city this huge and high tech, I am appalled that almost no one takes credit cards, and the ATMs close at like 9PM.
Also, while the subway is great and goes everywhere and has wifi, it also closes at like 11pm. WTF?
Did I mention how much I love sushi?

More later.

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