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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I'd upload photos, but sadly have to USB cable. Consider this a text-only postcard!

Vienna was fun, and we saw lots of art. I've also gained about 800 lbs. worth of pastries and sausage, but it's well worth it. We took a boat up the Danube to Budapest passing Bratislava, where I really wanted to stop but my parents (who get to pick as they are footing the bill) did not. My sister slept most of the way, missing the scenery, etc.

Budapest is every bit as lovely as I remember, although my parents' preference for things written up heavily in guide books does make the experience a bit, well, kitschier: we had dinner at a place that got 'starred' reviews in all the guidebooks which, needless to say, was perfectly acceptable but overpriced, and catering entirely to AmericanAnglophone tourists. Oh well. There is much castle-seeing to do, and hopefully a Turkish bath in my near future.

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