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Bernhard Schlink

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Drinking, Smoking, Forgetting 

Are you looking to get nice and drunk tonight? To drown your sorrows and forget your troubles in a pint of ale or fifth of whiskey? Well, science may have some news that could help!

A rat study indicates that smoking interferes with alcohol absorption into the bloodstream, meaning that if you smoke you get less drunk from the same amount of booze. The result could be totally different in humans, but hey - just another reason not to smoke! (and for bar owners to fight against smoking bans)

And in good news, an Australian firm claims to have developed a once-a-day pill that can possibly stop Alzheimers in its tracks: PBT2 seems to stop beta-amyloid plaques from accumulating in the brain, restoring memory function in lab animals. If human trials are successful, this is truly phenomenal news!

Also, I'm still in Prague (which is gorgeous), having lots of fun, and my sister still needs housing help in New York.

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