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Friday, August 25, 2006

Atlanta, Week 2: New Bars, Baby Planets, and Fat Baptists 

So far, I have found a couple of bars that I like (Mary's and Brick Stone), but am at a loss for other stuff. Maybe I should just get back to the science? Some things to remember, because I'm too tired to say anything useful.

Pluto's not a planet anymore. Poor Pluto! Can't say I'm really all that interested in this - just not my bag - but it is a big event. Still, what about Xena and Sedna??

The FDA finally does the right thing and approved Plan B as an OTC drug. For women over 18. This is one of those distinctions that would piss me off more if I ever imagined it would be any other way: this country is barely capable of admitting that people under 18 have sex - having access to this drug is just not gonna happen, sadly.

On the other end of improving public policy, we have the US Department of Education, which has "accidentally" dropped evolutionary biology from its list of scholarship-eligible majors. Er, uhm, I'm sure that this is an accident, and totally unrelated to administration policy.

Some researchers seem to have gotten embryonic stem cells without killing the embryos, which could be really good news, or a bit of a fantasy, Hard to tell yet.

Finally, a Purdue researcher may be one of my new heroes, for publishing research that is most easily sound-bytified as follows: Televangelists Make You Fat.

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