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Friday, August 18, 2006

Decision Making 

So I was in Ikea today, shopping for yet more stuff to furnish the new place. And I shared an elevator with a young woman (maybe 25-ish at most) and her three screaming children, aged what looked like 5-8. I smile, and she says "You got kids yet?"

"Nope," was my reply.

"Well wait," she advises me, and follows with an amazing explanation: "Y'see, when I was a kid, they told me I could never have my own, at least not without major medical treatments...And here I am, five kids later..."

This bothers me for so many reasons, not least of which is - didn't it become rather obvious, after the first, say two, that your doctors were wrong?!?!? I didn't say anything, but bloody hell: this is what 'abstinence-only ' education gets us.

Anyways, the move is going well, I now have most of my furniture, a grocery, a farmers market (heaven on earth!), a couple of good bars, and just ran across a very promising pho restaurant. This could turn out alright afterall!

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