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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dog Watch (warning: self-indulgence ahead) 

Along with my friends and friendly bartenders, the thing I'm gonna miss most when I leave DC (tomorrow! ahhhh!) are my dogs, Winston and Scooter Mae.

As everyone who's ever met me can probably repeat, they are The Best Dogs Ever, and a totally comedic pair. He is shy of everyone, and generally terrified of men (even of my dad; we suspect he was mistreated as a puppy), but all in all he's the best tempered (and, for the most part, behaved) dog I've ever met. She is a wild one, who knows no fear and no strangers. Her one major issue is a serious fear of abandonment - due to past neglect - so that she gets really stressed and acts out any time she feels like someone is leaving.

In the 9 or so months that we've had both of them (we had Winston for a while before we got her), she's always been a bit bossy and stand-offish with him, and while it's clear that they've bonded pretty solidly, and he is very good at comforting her when she gets stressed out, she hadn't ever really shown much affection for him.

The other day, when my mom took Winston for his annual check-up with the vet, Scooter Mae went ballistic. She cried for a full fifteen minutes after they left, ran furiously around the house and driveway, and, as I'd been restraining her as my mom led Winston to the car, she refused to let me anywhere near her. This from a dog who will pretty much jump onto any lap that looks even partially available. When Winston returned, she nearly tackled him, and was clearly Not Amused at any of us for playing such a mean trick.

The point? I'm really worried about leaving them. I'm literally the only male Winston doesn't run away from, and Scooter Mae just might freak out that I'm gone. I know I'm probably being nuts, but really I just wanted an excuse to post these photos.

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