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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Lives: Quick-takes 

British scientists have gotten some 200 year-old seeds to sprout. I'm not sure why, but then why not? It's pretty cool.

It seems that nicotinamide injections may help prevent the worst stages of chronic MS...the results aren't too clear yet, but any hope is really good for this debilitating, incurable condition.

Speaking of debilitating diseases, a new antimalarial drug is in the works that promises to be at least, an effective and inexpensive compliment to artimesin. The new drug, XC11, works by inhibiting Plasmodium's replication, a novel target of action. Cool!

And DC's HIV rates are still off the charts, even as New York seems to have a growing number of men on the down-low (or in denial, whichever).

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