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Friday, September 15, 2006

Roundup: Popeye poops on the Bionic Woman 

The FDA has recommended that people stop eating bagged fresh spinach for a while, as some of the product has been linked to E. coli infections. Meanwhile, a UK scientist is claiming that dosing crops with human feces makes a safe and effective fertilizer. These two reports do not necessarily make for an encouraging combination.

If you don't want your kids to get sick, get them that puppy (or kitten) they've been begging for: it seems that having pets may reduce the likelihood of getting sick by about 30 per cent. I want my puppies back!

On the other side of prevention, it seems that taking calcium supplements does not seem to improve bone density in kids. I wonder if that's because they're getting enough anyways?

Researchers offer hope for a reliable blood-test for TB, which could improve and ease screening, which would be great.

Two studies suggest that acupuncture is not only effective at treating back pain, but cost-effective as well. Good to hear.

Finally, a former Marine has been fitted with a bionic arm to replace one she lost in a motorcycle accident. She can control the limb with her thoughts alone - it responds to muscle movements in her chest and shoulder. This is ridiculously cool!

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