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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Continuous High Speed Centrifugation Juice 

What with all the hoopla these days about avoiding 'processed' foods, I can't imagine that going over so well. Plus, are the health benefits of sea buckthorn really so much grater than those of, say, orange juice, to justify this silliness, or are we just looking to cash in on yet another nutritional fad?

Vitamin C is good for you in lots of ways, including helping to prevent gum disease. For those who get gum disease anyways, researchers may have a strange treatment for you in ten years or so: a salicylic acid-containing 'pill', to be implanted between tooth and diseased gum. The device would release some of its contents to relieve pain and swelling, as well as physically relieving pressure to allow tissue to heal. Clinical trials are a long way off, but I think it's an intriguing concept.

Speaking of intriguing, how about an invisibility cloak? Researchers have managed to cloak a copper tube from microwaves in the lab, using a metamaterial sheath, making it less visible to microwave sensors. One limit of the technique is that the metamaterial must be smaller than the wavelength of the radiation it's cloaking from - relatively easy for low-frequency microwaves, but beyond current means for nimble visible light waves. Plus, "it's more like a shed" than a cloak. Oh well.

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