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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lots of Quick News 

Am very rushed today, finishing up some schoolwork and heading back to DC for the long weekend, so a quick list of things to think about:

Researchers have developed a new hay fever vaccine, which requires fewer jabs and lasts longer awesome! Now I just want one that I only have to get once.

Our old friend curcumin (aka turmeric) seems to help the brain clear away the amyloid plaques associated with Alzheimers Disease. More curry!

German researchers have found a way to measure skin aging, and have found that women age faster than men. Among the many reasons to question this study is how they controlled for all the crap women do to themselves in the name of glamour?

Wisconsin researchers may have gone one up on flu vaccines, characterizing a compound that seems to totally block viral entry into cells. This is completely awesome, and could really be a major event not just for combating flu but other viruses as well.

You know tea is good for you, but the Brits (who else?) have found that drinking a cup of black tea each day helps recovery from stress. I can do that.

And my favorite music video of the year: "We Are Not A Rock Band." Bloody hilarious, and I like the song too!

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