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Friday, October 06, 2006

Marijuana and Rectal Massage: Untold Stories 

So I'm in DC for my fall break, which falls conveniently right between my two biggest midterms, and before three of my term papers. This means that I will be doing a good bit of partying.

Science seems to be ready for partying this weekend, as today's news is full of oddities:

A sixty-year-old man has apparently been cured of chronic hiccups by sticking a finger in his ass. This is the second report of such a cure, and I think it's bloody hilarious. This suggests a completely awesome thesis topic: do bottoms get less hiccups?

Before fucking usually comes drinking, and frequently, being drunk. Researchers have discovered a gene, dubbed white rabbit, that seems to modulate sensitivity to alcohol, cocaine, and nicotine. Sounds like a cheap date!

And in good news for the heavy partiers, it seems that smoking pot may help prevent Alzheimers Disease, causing the brain to better break down amyloid plaques and maintain ACh levels. This makes no sense, but I like it nonetheless.

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