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Monday, October 02, 2006

On the Importance of Standards. 

Sometimes I'm a bit of a rebel; I like going against the grain. I prize individuality (my own and others'), and firmly believe that variety is the spice of life (or at least one of the many). But, there are times when variety is not a good thing, and tonight's drive home provides a good example: I got pulled over (as if I wasn't already cranky enough).

I couldn't begin to fathom why, since I was stopped at a red light at the time, and had in fact just gotten on the road. I figured it was a fishing expedition for drunk drivers (Atlanta is a bit famous for these), but it turned out he cop pulled me over because the registration sticker on my back plate says 2003. You see, DC changed its system so that unlike most other statesjurisdictions, we no longer display year on the plates, but on a sticker up on the front windshield. Thus, I was a suspected car thief.

It took a bit of explaining (and fishing around for my registration card), but eventually the cop let me be. Having a standard for these things would be nice*.

* Ultimately, I think we should have national license plates, instead of state-by-state ones, so that we could cut down on the out-of-state effect, whereby you are much more likely to get pulled over for minor infractions if your plates are non-local, but that is as likely to happen as dubya being a uniter not a divider.

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