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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Scissor Sisters @ the Tabernacle 

Great show last night. The opening band, Small Sins, was perfectly acceptable emo-pop-somethingorother. A bit whiney, a bit not exciting, but not offensive and plus, multiple hot bandmembers in implausibly tight white pants. Also a very ...er... energetic percussionist, who did what may or may not have been a three minute scratch-pad/synch solo-bizzaro-performance-art thing at one point, that made me laugh.

Then there were the Sisters themselves. Still pretty to look at, and still putting on a fantastic show. They played a satisfying mix of their two albums, and I'm thrilled to say that Ta-Dah really, really came out brilliantly on stage. They played that material with a much harder edge than the album has, which I really liked. "Kiss You Off" and "Lights" came off almost snarling at points. Hot.

Jake Shears is still hot too, as is Del Marquis. Ana was amazing as usual, but sadly Babbydaddy and Paddy Boom were not very visible from where we were standing. Not sexy: the middle-aged blond bitch in the "Ghetto Princess" tube top* who kept getting up on here boyfriend's shoulders, blocking the view. Also, the girl with a serious BO problem, smoking pot and taking up too much space on the floor beside us. And her boyfriend, who also didn't smell good, or dance even a little.

And finally, the tragic: about 6'3", a little muscular, pretty face, tight shirt. Dancing near me, and flirting heavily. I totally would have gotten your number and called you, except that your opening line was: "You want some dip?" That's an absolute deal breaker. EW.

I also wish the Tabernacle wasn't so damn echo-y.

* If you are (a) a middle-aged white woman, (b) at a Scissor Sisters show, or (c) wearing a "Ghetto Princess" tube top, you are not, I repeat NOT, a ghetto anything

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