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Friday, November 03, 2006

Cool Fish Live Longer in India (as long as they sport a 'stache) 

We've all heard they hype about calorie-restriction leading to longer life, and the sensible among us have come to the conclusion that another 25 years on Earth without chocolate cake just doesn't seem like such great shakes (oohh, those are tasty too....). Thankfully, Scripps researchers may have found a way for us to spend another 25 (or so) years enjoying all our favorite foods: lowering the body temperature of mice showed similar benefits to calorie restriction. The down side? The mice got fat and who knows what other health problems might result from altering something as basic as body temperature.

If you do plan to live another 45 years or so, be warned: after 2050, you may not be able to get any good seafood. Researchers warn that unless we drastically alter pretty much everything about how we interact with the oceans, by that time there will be no more wild fish reserves to catch and eat. This is, uhm, teh sux0rs?

Speaking of continuing declines, today's news brings even more evidence of the failingness(?) of the US healthcare system: a new Commonwealth Fund survey indicates that American patients have a much harder time getting care outside of "normal business hours" than do counterparts in the Netherlands, UK, New Zealand, Germany or Canada. Similarly, US providers are much less likely to use electronic medical records or participate in quality improvement activities.

Not shockingly, this has lead many Americans to begin seeking care abroad*, and employers and insurers are beginning to encourage them to do so. I don't necessarily have a problem with it, but I can't see any way that 'outsourcing' health care can ultimately be a good thing.

Mustaches, as a general rule, are not a good thing either. Opinions may vary, but I really have a hard time taking a guy with a mustache all that seriously. The New York Times discusses the mustache, and a documentary about them. I'd actually see this, if drunk enough.

* Note to Mr. Stan Johnson of United Steelworkers: India is not the third world.

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