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Bernhard Schlink

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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Research has finally addressed a critical question: what kind of drinks make you the most hung over, and why? They claim that it's not just the impurities in things like plastic-bottle vodka, but the drink in question's content of congeners (complex organic molecules), like methanol. Thus, by this measurement, the hangover-y-ness of booze ranks something like: brandy, red wine, rum, whiskey, white wine, gin, vodka. I don't really get hangovers (knock on wood!!!) so I can't say; does this sound right to anyone? I mean, isn't it ultimately just a matter of volume?

From duh-land, we have a study suggesting that massage might make infants less stressed. More interesting to parents is that it may help them sleep too, though I can't help but picture this concept going really, really badly. Or hilariously: yuppie baby massage parlors!!! More fun for evangelicals!

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