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Friday, December 29, 2006

Bad News for Feminists, Good News for Audiophiles 

In a turn sure to depress, enrage, and otherwise irritate the womens' movement, it seems that women who do more housework may be less likely to get breast cancer. Truthfully, what the researchers found was that women who were not obese and got a good amount of moderately strenuous exercise were less likely to develop the disease, but it seems that the way women were getting said exercise was by doing housework. (insert your own vaguely demeaning and sexist comment about the dust in my apartment here...I'm too tired to think of one)

On the upside, an Austrian has performed a recently discovered 'lost' Mozart composition. If it really is by Mozart, that's pretty cool. Actually, if it's good, it's pretty cool!

Also sadly, but worth coming out to celebrate, is tonight's penultimate Bluestate at the Black Cat. It's free, there will be dancing, and there will be ridiculousness. See you there!

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