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Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Stupid: Evangelicals Hate Multiple Sclerosis Victims 

Following yesterday's monsoon of idiocy, the American Far Right felt that it needed to contribute. So, Jim Rutz wrote a bogglingly inane editorial in which he claims that eating soy-based foods are the cause of homosexuality, and that they make mens' dicks smaller. Aside from committing pretty much every logical fallacy imaginable, he may also be attempting to deprive MS sufferers with an effective treatment: neurologists have found that a soy extract greatly improves mobility in mouse models of MS.

Cornell researchers have discovered that teenagers are swayed by peer pressure, and enjoy instant gratification. Mind-blowing research there, thanks for curing cancer!

Also stupidly, or at least unnecessarily, it seems that the Baiji (Yangtze River dolphin) is extinct. The amazingly strong conservation efforts by the Chinese government in the last decade seem to have been too little, too late. Hopefully one or two remaining Baiji will be found, and can at least have their DNA catalogued. It's the least we can do, for killing them off!

Speaking of China - neuroscientists have found that the brain processes the 'musical' aspects of tonal languages like Mandarin before its semantic content. This helps explain why hearing aides are not so helpful to people who speak such languages, and offers more cool insight into how we deal with language.

Those who like music, outside of language, can download Mozart's entire cataloge for free, as a closer to his 250th birthday celebration in Europe.

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