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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Anorexic Girls Kill 

And not just themselves! We learned yesterday that girls who read magazines about dieting learn to do so in dangerous ways - like purging and starving themselves - but in that case we only thought about the havoc they wreak on themselves and those who have to clean up after them.

Today we learn that extreme dieters are the number one type of 'sick' passengers who end up delaying the New York subway. Late for work on Wall Street? Blame that scrawny-assed wannabe-model-actress who refused breakfast!

As if delaying trains wasn't bad enough, it seems that men who father daughters instead of sons are more likely to have prostate cancer! Granted, this is not their daughters' fault, but segues are hard. It seems that a defect in the Y chromosome is associated with both reduced 'male' sperm viability and with prostate cancer. Interesting...

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