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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Guns, Germs, and SSRIs 

A large survey of American households found that in states with higher gun homicide rates, household gun ownership was higher. Or, possibly, the other way around. As much as I personally believe that allowing people to own guns is just begging for homicides, the data in this study (despite what the media are reporting) do not indicate that guns 'cause' violence. Only that, in places where guns are more readily available, they are more likely to be used in homicides.

I don't really see what use causation is in this case...removing guns would almost certainly lower the homicide rate. Another thing that can kill you is germs, and you can get those from your kitchen sponges. How do you avoid killing yourself from doing the dishes? Well, you could microwave your sponges and rags - two to four minutes on 'high' will kill most of that nasties in them!

Speaking of side effects, it seems that our old friends, the SSRIs, are prone to yet another: osteoporosis. A study indicates that seniors taking the antidepressants had lower bone density than did controls, putting them at risk for severe breaks and decreased motility. These findings are concerning, to say the least, considering how antidepressants get prescribed like candy in the US.

And finally, you know what would make me happy? Free gourmet food at work every day. I wanna work for Google!!! (admittedly, I wanted that before I knew about the food, but hey, every little bit helps!)

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