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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A New Year 

Happy New Year, everyone! Kicking off 2007 right, there's all kinds of science out there, and we should take note.

Don't take too much note, however, of diet and weight-loss articles: they may be harmful! Unsurprisingly, researchers found that girls who read 'Attain your Perfect Body' articles in girly magazines are more likely to practice unhealthy weight-control habits (smoking, purging, et cetera) than were girls at a higher reading level.

Speaking of brain damage, US researchers have grown a dozen genetically engineered cattle without the gene for the prion disrupted in mad cow disease. These cattle, while not currently intended for food production, could be a fantastic proof-of-concept for future engineered livestock to be free of disease, or more nutritious. Cool!

The good news: regular, moderate drinking seems to lower your risk of a heart attack, even if you have high blood pressure. Pour me another!

Finally, a parrot has a vocabulary of almost 1000 English words, and seems to use the language as well as a human child - creating neologisms and some attempts at humor.

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