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Friday, January 19, 2007

To Infinity and Beyond 

Via CoolHunting, we find the Mobius Shoe, crafted from a single piece of Kevlar. Even if I never actually see one, it makes me happy that such a thing exists. Why are mens shoes so boring??

Actually living infinitely might not be so appealing, but most people would like to live longer, and be healthier while they're at it. Towards something like this end, social science researchers have found a way to add about 2 years to your lifespan: win a Nobel Prize in chemistry or physics. If your strength is literature, or peace, that will probably help too. Really, it seems that the effect is that one of social status: winners lived longer than even multiple nominees.

While living longer, it's nice to be able to not lose your mind. Though not without potentially severe side-effects, it seems that taking folic acid might help. The B-vitamin seems to 'rejuvenate' the minds of women who were previously low in it. The thing is, in the US and Canada, most people are not low on folic acid, and supplementation probably won't have an effect.

And on to infinity!

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