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Sunday, February 25, 2007


At the beginning of last year, I signed up for a frequent-flyer-gathering credit card from my bank, because I figure I might someday have time to travel, and miles could come in handy! So I got this fancy new bit of budgetary overindulgence, and have been using it (mostly) responsibly ever since.

Today I learned of a feature that this card, unlike my others, provides: a year-end account summary. Which is good, I guess, if only because it means I can put all the monthlies in cold storage and have this as an easier reference, should the need arise. The downside? The summary includes tabulations by type of purchase.

Health care: 6% (this is mostly paid by cheques to my insurance company)
Services (i.e., haircuts and Comcast...an odd pairing): 8%
Merchandise (includes groceries, clothes, books, and shoes): 31%
Restaurants (and bars): 41% !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am well aware that I would be less broke if I cooked more, and drank less. I just really don't like being reminded. I also am reminded how annoyed I am that my school does not accept credit cards for tuition payment - that would allow me to go on a really fantastic post-graduation holiday extravaganza!

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