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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Artificial Bodies 

Japanese researchers claim that they've found a way to make breast implants from a woman's own tissue and stem cells. A surgeon at Tokyo University's medical school claims to have given 40 women as much as a 2-cup-size increase by injecting a slurry of stem-cell enriched fat cells into their breasts. Other researchers are, understandably, dubious. I really wonder about the safety of this kind of procedure in terms of breast cancer, if nothing else.

The FDA has approved its first recombinant DNA sutures for use in the US. The sutures absorb into the patients body, eliminating the need to have them removed (which can interfere with healing), and hopefully you're not allergic to them. Which the FDA's ruling suggests you may be.

But you know what's good for you? Naps. A large study of Greek men and women found that those who took frequent midday naps were less likely to die of heart disease than non-nappers. The study was big, and with a decent follow-up (n=23000 over six years), and looks convincing. Now, if only I could convince my employers to go for it!

And more from Captain We-Already-Knew-That-Really, a well-executed clinical trial has confirmed the utility of marijuana as treatment for AIDS-related nerve pain. Needless to say, the White House/DEA (both famous for scientific integrity) claim that the study was too small (n=50, which is almost certainly plenty), and invalid, etc., because it does not fit with their political ideas. Can we, as a society, move on please?

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