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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cyborgs and Fat Ladies 

A US study of women has found that those who eat more non-fat dairy products have more trouble conceiving than those who ate full-fat dairy. The results are a bit confusing - no one is sure why the effect is seen...it could be an effect of the processing involved in making nonfat products, or it could be something that's simply missing from the nonfat varieties that helps conception. The latter seems really unlikely, as I'm pretty sure that vegan women are generally able to have kids without trouble. Also, the study doesn't appear to have controlled for obesity - another risk for infertility, which could also motivate women to switch to nonfat foods.

Still, any excuse for ice cream will do.

Not really related, we have Chinese scientists' announcement that they have produced cyborg pigeons. Chips implanted in the flying rats' brains allows humans to 'remote control' their movements, possibly presaging a real reason to off that old lady next door who feeds the damn things: she's helping the gub'men spy on us! Seriously though, as scary as armies of robo-spies may be, this advance not only represents, but could dramatically further, our understanding of how the brain works.

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