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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Things Not To Try 

Sometimes, people get ideas that are so astoundingly stupid that I just have no words for it. For instance: a Maryland inmate was hospitalized for extreme drunkenness (a BAC of .33) due because he drank hand sanitizer. Yes: he was drunk on Purell. Aside from the stupidity of his own actions, the event was apparently so shocking to people that it merited publication in the New England Journal of Medicine, and a front-page mention from WaPo online. Including talk about the DANGER! of hand sanitizer use.

The real danger of hand sanitizer use - growth of more resistant bacterial strains - doesn't even seem to register next to the horror (The Horror!!!) that people might get high on it. Priorities, anyone?

Another pair if substances you might not want to put on your body, especially if you're a young boy, are tea tree and lavender oil. Another NJEM study found that some boys using shampoo and lotion containing these grew breasts. The oils appear to act as estrogens, and their effects on older males, and females are unclear. But the lesson here is: just say no to hippie hair products!

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