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Friday, March 23, 2007

We Are the Robots 

Well, women who get boob jobs are on their way: like Sir Mix-a-lot said, "silicone parts are made for toys." Be all that as it may, the University of Florida felt it necessary to expend resources to discover that women who undergo breast enlargement get a boost in self-esteem. They also saw "improved sexuality," whatever that means. Still no cure for (breast) cancer.

Something that may actually improve your mood and/or sexual whatever is coffee. And the good news is, all that bad stuff your mother used to tell you would happen if you drank too much? Well, some of it's not true. Heavy coffee drinkers don't experience a significant increase in blood pressure, even relative to non-drinkers. Of course, research on the health effects of coffee are notoriously confounded by everything from age to profession, etc.

Finally, once you're sick, you might someday get little robots put inside you to find out what's wrong. Everyone's mentioned the film "Fantastic Voyage," and I will too, because that's what this is: Canadian researchers have successfully injected and navigated nanobots through an artery to have a look inside. Very cool!

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