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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blinding Florals 

I spent the weekend in Independence, Mo. visiting my mom's parents for my grandfather's 90th birthday. Since there were rather quite a few of us in town for the event, my parents, sister and I opted to stay at a Bed+Breakfast nearby, as opposed to in what would have been a (very) crowded house.

The Woodstock Inn was found randomly, and turned out to be just perfect - the couple who run it are lovely, the garden great for afternoon coffee, and the breakfast delicious.

The beds were comfy and the in-room coffee maker was critical. HOWEVER. The decor was ... difficult. My room was the most extreme, and it really looked like Laura Ashley had jizzed all over the place - with floral prints and fake topiary everywhere. But again - the bed was comfy, so all you had to do was close your eyes.

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