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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Quicky-linky: Because I'm Lazy 

Work is definitely fun, but also exhausting. Some cool stuff I'll want to think about later, and anyone reading this should think about now...and discuss in the comments!

More good news for us coffee-fiends: men who drink four or five cups a day seem to have lower risk of developing gout. Gout sucks, and coffee is good, so I'm happy!

Shocking no one, researchers have found that MRSA is spreading fast in poor and underserved populations. The much-overhyped but still very deadly pathogen takes root in medical settings, and is likely to wreak more and more havoc on our health system, which really can't handle such things.

Epicatechin, a chemical found in chocolate, grapes, and tea, appears to improve memory function, especially when combined with exercise. Because I always need another excuse to eat those things!

Speaking of miracle drugs (or not), Michigan researchers have found that a chemical from the desert bush creosote may have potent anti-aging powers. So, Ponce de Leon was just looking for the wrong kind of thing!

UK researchers have discovered something that we all kinda knew already: men care more about how big their dicks are than women do. Also, there is nothing that can be done, contrary to the claims of at least 36% of the email in the universe, to enlarge them. They available options are more likely to mutilate than enlarge, and no one thinks a frankenschlong is sexy.

Finally - and speaking of dubious distinctions - American hospitals are much more likely to admit white kids for minor illnesses than black or Hispanic kids. Not only does this mean that minority kids are getting less 'aggressive' care, but it also represents an obvious source of unnecessary medical costs. Less 'aggressive' care, in terms of being admitted for minor stuff, may or may not be a bad thing in and of itself, but it's probably indicative of an underlying (and serious) disparity.

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