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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Money, Money, Money 

I won't name the publication, because it's too awful*, but suffice to say it's a prominent healthcare management journal. In an article about strategic planning, the authors suggest setting performance goals for the upcoming year:
Quality: Achieve top 50th percentile for clinical performance
Operations: Achieve top 75th percentile salaries, wages, and benefits, and supplies costs
I mean really. Talk about setting a low bar to begin with, but also look at where the higher bar is. The message here is clear to hospital managers: you are a business first and a care provider second; either way you're not expecting spectacular results.

Anyone still confused as to why we have such crappy healthcare in this country?

*Actually yes, I will: Bachrodt and Smyth, Strategic Business Planning, Healthcare Financial Management; Nov 2004; 58, 11; pp 60-66.

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