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Sunday, September 23, 2007

One More Reason... 

...to hate Microsoft. My school has, inexplicably, decided to put Office 2007 on all of the public terminals. This is of course odd because (a) they never got 2003 working properly,and 2007 is even worse, (b) no one uses it yet, (c) it bloody sucks, and (d) they're always complaining about budgets anyways (why not do something like, I dunno, useful/necessary/not a tech-support nightmare?).

Now, I really HATE Office 2007. The layout is confusing, the menus inscrutable, and the changes completely baffling. Oh, and then there's its incredible insistence on saving files in its special .docx formats. Which cannot be read by previous versions of Word. Even when you bloody tell it to retain formats of files you created at home in Word 2003.

The result? I got home today, having spent considerable time working on a paper at school, only to find that I can't open it here. School's closed. Papers are due. And Bill Gates is another billion dollars ahead of me.

You can install the "Compatibility Pack" from M$, but that entails submitting to yet another preposterous software license, and all the security risks involved with a Microsoft product. Oh yeah, and it makes running Work 2003 even slower than it was to begin with.

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