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Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Newest Hero 

Anyone who knows me knows that there are few companies I hate more than Comcast. Not just because their services are shoddy (random blackouts, digital cable that blips out all the time, etc.) and overpriced, but also because they consistently provide the worst customer service anywhere. Worse than the DC government, even.

Comcast knows it's the only game in town if you want cable TV and/or internet that's faster than DSL. Granted, some lucky folks can get satellite and FIOS, but those have never been an option where I live. So I deal with ever-increasing bills and shitty service and repairmen who show (or don't) at their own whim. Such is the power of a monopoly.

Mona Shaw, a 75-year-old retired nurse, had similar problems with Comcast, and reacted by doming something that, while completely ineffective in the long run, is gratifying just to hear of having happened: she stormed their local office with a claw hammer. This woman deserves a fucking medal. And better cable service.

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