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Monday, February 11, 2008


I'm beginning to be in the market for a number of new electronic toys, and am dismayed with the options. First of all, my entirely awesome IAudio X5 is passing its third birthday and needs an heir. Oh, how heartily I have laughed at iPod users who've replaced their (admittedly shinier) gizmos twice or more in this period, not to mention being locked in to the infernal iTunes platform and Apple-approved file formats.

The obvious first step, since I love the X5 and am not an iPod fan, was to see what IAudio was offering nowadays. The A3 looks bloody cool, but is way more than I need. I in fact Do. Not. Want. a flashy LCD screen (it will break, and drain batteries, and I barely watch TV as it is, why do I need to take one with me?). I have no interest in sharing my files with other people via bluetooth or wifi or whatever. My USB cable is just fine.

What I want is something I can use to listen to MP3, WAV, MP4, OGG, and FLAC formatted music and podcasts, and maybe even a digital voice recorder. And a battery that will actually last the flight from Atlanta to Boston, including MARTA time (which the X5 did until recently). Everything else is just crap added to justify ever-climbing price points.

Any suggestions?

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