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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday 

I guess after 2006 I shouldn't be so shocked, but I was still apalled by how clueless people were here in Atlanta about the election. Someone in my program - SOMEONE WHO VERY NEARLY HAS A MASTERS DEGREE IN PUBLIC HEALTH - asked me to explain what Super Tuesday was, and why I was so excitedly checking cnn.com - and ignoring the professor - all through our evening programming class. Compared to in '06, I was happily surprised by the number of 'I voted' stickers seen around school and in the village. But still too many people, especially the gay boys who bitch about Shirley Franklin's fairly blatant crusade to close all the gay bars, said "oh I didn't know" or "I was too busy."

I voted absentee, of course, for DC's primary next week, because for many reasons (i.e., the taxes I'd have to pay to move my car down to GA and then again to wherever I end up this June) I am still registered there. I really miss returns parties. I miss going out on election night and arguing with random strangers in a bar about the best outcomes - random strangers who know what they're talking about. Preferably more than I do, so I can learn something!

That is all. Well, except, for those left to vote: "Vote Obama," or "Go, Mittens, Go!" Pick the one you can vote for.

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