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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

More Good News 

...For you potheads. It turns out that THC inhibits a class of cancer-causing herpes viruses. This is not to say that if you smoke pot, you won't get them, or even that you can get this effect from smoking pot (the immunosuppressive effects of THC may well outweigh the benefit), but it's a hopeful clue towards better treatments. Also, it doesn't affect Herpes S1, which is the kind you're probably thinking about.

...For you drunks. Moderate alcohol consumption after heart surgery seems to improve outcomes. I'm concerned about this result, because you're supposed to get beta-blockers after surgery I think, and alcohol can interact with beta-blockers and kill you.

...For oselle tea lovers. It seems that hibiscus extract has similar cholesterol-fighting powers to red wine. Brilliant.

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