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Thursday, January 13, 2005


A number of months back, I kept hearing the hype and buzz about this band and its sexy-ass frontman, Jake Shears. I thought, 'oh God, here comes even more tacky gay trendy pap,' and wrote it off as something I might hear in a club but mostly ignore. Then, my then-housemate gave me the CD to have a listen, and I did, and was blown away. This is a Fucking Excellent Band!!! So last night I went to see the Scissor Sisters live at the 930 Club. I must say, it was a brilliant show, and it was great hanging out with the Big Gay Blogger Posse.

There was no opening band, but a DJ spinning a fairly good array of stuff. He was no Rock Chasty, but I was much happier than with an opening band. I don't feel bad milling about chatting away while he spins, as I do over an opening band. Which is hat happened, mostly. I got situated in a way that thwarted my plans of getting totally hammered by the time the band came on, because to reach the bar would have meant exile from friends and center floor, but in the end, the show was so good I'm glad that happened.

Jake Shears really is damn sexy in person - much grittier and less fey looking than in the press photos - and while his low range is a bit rocky, a fairly good singer too (brilliant by pop standards!) - but there really isn't a single member of this band I wouldn't happily get with. A big fucking Scissor Sisters orgy! Yum. But seriously, I was really blown away by Ana Matronic. I was expecting her to be sortof like a pomo backup singer, or just backup cheekbones. But, she stole the show: tons of charisma, the cheesy dialogue didn't come off too forced, and she sings more than I thought, her vocals really bringing up Shears' shaky low-end. I'd best describe her as a drag queen, except with the added confidence of having been born with it.

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