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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Further Resistance 

People have gotten pretty stirred up about the "MARC Marshals" poster I pointed out last week. And for that I am glad...it really bothers/ed me that no one had been making a stink about it before, as it's some scary shit. It makes me really happy (not to mention makes for a good ego boost) that the Baltimore Sun has taken up the story (requiem for my "anonymity"), even just as "internet buzz," because that means more people will start thinking about it.

It's not the art style that bothers me - I rather think it's a pretty poster - but rather the content of the message that bothers me. It fosters the kind of mentality that leads to xenophobia, hate crimes, and the further denigration of our (relatively) free society. That those responsible for it are "nonplused" tells that we need more outrage. If we can turn this into a major PR disaster for MARC and CSX, maybe we can demonstrate that 21st-century America is not 1950's Russia (or even 1940's America).

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