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Friday, October 14, 2005

News from Captain Obvious 

A draft GAO report confirms what we've really known all along: bushCo cronies in the FDA meddled in the science around approval of Plan B. Any bets on how much this revelation stops them from continuing to do so?

High-risk US patients are not getting flu vaccines, due to supply troubles. Not that anyone saw this coming.

AND...The National Academies have released a report saying that the US is losing its competitive edge in science. The report highlights decreasing numbers of American science and engineering graduates, and cheaper experts available in other countries, but ignores a critical detail: our students may soon be too busy learning "alternative theories" instead of the real science they need to get by. The Academies' set of recommendations, while all good ideas, does what far too many government programs do: throws money without addressing these underlying factors. Mmmmm...pork...

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