"It is true, and thus the question of whether it is sad or happy has no meaning whatever."
Bernhard Schlink

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Sad Fatty McOversized 

Science is a wonderful thing. It can give us bigger boobs, suggest how we might live longer, and justify our cravings. Sometimes though, it just tells us things we already know.

"Fat people aren't jolly."

A Seattle research group has found that obese people are more likely to be depressed and less likely to have substance abuse problems. Well, duh, I say. Depression often leads to lethargy and overeating, which lead to obesity, and being obese inhibits social contacts which can lead to depression. Plus, if we believe the (somewhat dubious) study which suggests that early drinking increases alcoholism risk, fat kids get invited to fewer high school parties and so probably don't start drinking as early...etc. Still no cure for cancer. Or obesity.

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