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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Boyfriend Material 

As I am too fried from the tail end of finals (p = .857143, if you're interested) to really think clearly, and am looking for any excuse to giggle, Dan Renzi has made a list of his Rules for how well-meaning stright friends should go about setting their gay friends up together.

My take:

1. Definitely critical.

2. +/- 5 years for me, if only because more than that might make it a crime for him to buy me a drink!

3. "Being gay" is not 'something we have in common.' It is something that is true about both of us, but not something worth talking about.

4. Agreed.

5. I'd drop the "slightly" and "recipe for drama."

6. Quite.

7. Yes, but do make sure I know I need to be presentable...don't invite me out to play beer pong and then say to my ratty-t-shirted and probably not-on-anything-approaching-my-best-behavior self "oh, you should meet ..."

8. Yup.

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